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Roof ventilation

The best way to describe what a whirlybird does is by saying it is like a boat on the open seas without an oar or motor. It is controlled by the wind and the current for direction and flow, with no control over which direction, speed flow or timing.. That’s not what you want controlling your home temperatures, humidity or energy bills.

<p>Sometimes areas requiring dehumidification are along way from source. Ducting your SolarVenti is always an option. SV14K with in-line and extract fans. Bronte -NSW.</p>
<p>Another fantastic day, in a fantastic town, in a fantastic country..😁</p>
<p>Home is where the heart is, always keep your home safe and healthy for heart and lungs.. Choose your air and breathe wisely.</p>
<p>Ever noticed when you are in the snow you always heat up. At low external temps, humidity can be low - take this air and heat (solar) it up, then transport it indoors . Result :- extremely low humidity fresh air at warm temperatures.  #solardrying, #solarventi, #indoorairquality #asthmafree</p>
<p>Being a quality Danish product, it is well known the key benefits of a Solarventi are heating and drying. This is just the right sustainable product for units /holiday homes in snow and ski country. #thredbo, #perisher, #snowymountains #ski #alpine  (at Thredbo Resort)</p>
<p>The next energy disrupter. Solar Air Collectors for #heating, #cooling and #dehumidification, - Naturally..🌞😍😍</p>
<p>What a beautiful day. BOM - External 19.4C, Rh 32% , Wind 7-9 km/h.. Solarventi free air - 52.8C, Rh 8% , Airflow - 300m3/h, Energy cost -$0.00.  πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ» (at Solair Ventilation)</p>
<p>If you are someone who does not know what a Solarventi does, let me show you. 1/ inlet temps from a large solar air collector. 2/ Client temps/% RH, showing the stats that make a perfectly comfortable house.</p>