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A Solarventi  solar air collector is best of Danish design and the perfect solution to the problem of internal damp, rising damp, space heating and complete clean filtered air.  Solair - the main NSW dealer for SolarVenti ® solar air collectors. Solarventi's are powered via photovoltaic panels which makes it a free way to effectively ventilate your house and prevent humidity damage. Small or large units will prevent green musty shoes, smelly mouldy clothing or suits or dresses, we will save you on laundry or dry cleaning bills but also in severe circumstances - replacement clothing.  We will eliminate damp, mould and condensation in your house and create a healthy damp free, mould free, spore free, dry, clean environment. In your office or workplace we can eliminate sick building syndrome and create a clean office environment with a Solarventi ®. Solair has a full working Solar Air heating and cooling system to be viewed at the Randwick Council's Sustainable House -Barrett House, 6 Barrett Place, Randwick. There is also one at Arts Barn in Kariong. Take a visit and feel the warmth and comfortable environment of this systems for yourself. Both properties stay dry, comfortable and have a healthy environment all year round for its occupants and visitors. Read Solarventi in the Adelaide hills.


Solar Whiz is the swift powerful heat extraction that has no electricity costs or carbon emissions!

Solar powered - No running cost - Increased comfort - Hundreds of dollars in savings.

Solair is bringing you the new & exciting Solar Whiz high volume commercial air extraction fan! The Solar Whiz is a powerful solar powered heat extraction fan that operates completely off the grid.

Most commonly, Solar Whiz is used to remove hot air, toxic air and fumigants from the small home businesses. However it may also be used for removing heat directly from the interior of the building.

The Solar Whiz gable fan can be roof gable wall mounted or sub-floor wall mounted to extract stale, damp or wet sub-floor air, one of the main causes of rising damp, mould ingress and rotting timbers. Once installed they will greatly assist in the reduction of termite attack and structural rot.

VioFlame - Free Standing Fireplaces

VioFlame is an exciting new range of stylish and clean burning occasional fireplaces from Black and Stone. 

VioFlame occasional fireplaces allow you to experience the look and feel of a real fireplace, in virtually any room, without the mess, inconvenience or high cost associated with other traditional forms of fireplaces.

VioFlame fireplaces are both visually exciting and functional, instantly transforming a room into a beautiful, warm and inviting living space. VioFlame fireplaces are ideal for creating real warmth, mood and ambiance.   These beautiful fireplaces are lovely to look at and enjoy, while you absorb the warmth and feeling of comfort that extends to every corner of the room. Offering true versatility, VioFlame fireplaces are ideal for apartments, homes, offices, guest rooms, outdoor rooms, entertainment areas and balconies.


Schweigen is one of Australia’s most innovative kitchen appliance manufacturers and the designers of Australia's most efficient silent range-hoods. Backed by a world class support network they have attained a reputation for creating some of the finest appliances on the market today. 

Sleek designs, packed with features and extreme durability our products combine the best of European design and Australian toughness. Environmentally responsible and exceptionally economical to run, Schweigen should be your first choice when purchasing a new range-hood. We removed the noisy, bulky motor out of the range-hood and replaced it with a compact German-made motor that sits on your roof. This eliminates noise from your kitchen and lets you enjoy your cooking experience. 


ZyDox® is a unique stabilised aqueous chlorine dioxide, providing outstanding advantages over other biocides, oxidants and all other traditionally generated chlorine dioxide and stabilised sodium chlorite products.  Zydox offers 100% availability of pure ClO2, so lower doses are needed for bacterial problems. It can control Legionella, kills sulphate reducing bacteria and easily removes biofilms.

Aside from mould and odour removal Zydox is effective for bleaching pulp, paper and textiles. Zydox is pure. It contains no chlorine, chlorate, acid residues, alcohols or aldehydes. Safe in  kindergartens, kitchens, fridges, poultry farms, laboratories, schools, dental and medical practices etc. Unique cleansing for the home.