'Innovation in Ventilation'™

Solair provides ventilation systems, for damp sub-floors, roof trapped heat and warehouses.

 with No Running Costs, minimal maintenance and total Energy Saving fan systems.

A Central Coast business, covering  from Sydney to Newcastle.


Industrial warehouse cooling

We get you a cleaner, comfortable 
and healthier environment in turn greatly reducing occupant issues of colds, flu's and viral spread. Central Coast Ventilation Specialists in sub floor ventilation, heat extraction, bathroom exhausts, roof ventilation and whole house ventilation.

 Installation Available or DIY

  • Australian Owned & Operated
  • Central Coast Based
  • Covering Newcastle to Sydney for installs
  • Advice & Delivery Nationwide
  • Carbon Neutral & Environmentally Friendly Products

Energy Saving Products available

Ducted Home Dehumidifying

SolarVenti® heating, cooling and dehumidifying.

We don't use Whirly Birds - because they don't work efficiently.

Solar Whiz high volume roof cooling fans and sub floor fans.

Silent Kitchen Ventilation

Schweigen® silent range hoods and fan systems. Quite, clean.

Mould Treatment

Zydox® range of Chlorine dioxide fumigation, mould, odour, biocide and flood disaster treatment. For extensive mould treatment in Sydney -we highly recommend our partners 'No Germs'


Black & Stone® Fireplaces. Clean, bio ethanol occasional fires for home heat.

See a demonstration of our roof fans and solar air heaters for yourself at our showroom and learn more about sub floor ventilation, rising damp and mould solutions. 

Problems with Window condensation

How To Remove Mould & Damp -'Dry As'.

Learn how to remove and prevent mould with the combination we've had so much success with.

# The only way to effectively treat mould long term is to kill it. Household cleaners and some claiming to be mould removal specialists (using chlorine hyperchloride) DO NOT KILL MOULD. It has been scientifically proven that these products simply restore colour.

SolarVenti air collectors

Commercial pre -heaters and drying with Solar Air Collectors.

Used for grain drying, fruit and nut aeration drying, biowaste drying, factory pre-heating.

Using solar air collectors not only saves you time by increasing turnaround  but also huge amount of money via carbon neutral energy usage, using pure refined air and long term minimal and sustainablemaintenance costs. 

Nationwide installers 


If you're a tradesman or builder with roof ventilation, sub floor or humidity issuesand would like to be contracted or use any of our products in your plans, please give us a call. on 02 43678252

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