5 Ways To Naturally Dehumidify Your Home

High Humidity Symptoms

Home owners experiencing high humidity often find themselves with an assortment of symptoms. These symptoms often are:

  • Mould on the ceiling or in corners of rooms
  • Musty, damp smells
  • Allergies
  • Wet areas in the sub-floor area
  • Condensation on windows

Health Concerns

Humidity is most comfortable between 30-50%. Without ventilation, humidity levels higher than 50% introduces mould and dust mites into the home. Mould is toxic for humans. Further, both mould and dust mites can aggravate allergic reactions which is especially concerning for asthmatics.

With that information under your belt - to the solutions!

1 - Absorb the Moisture

DampRid, available at Bunnings, is a Calcium Chloride formulation that works to naturally absorb moisture and humidity in the room - but wont bring the humidity below the 30% humidity level. DampRid also has Hanging Moisture Absorbers if you're experiencing mould in the wardrobe.

2 - Remove Indoor Plants

Unfortunately plants can produce a lot of moisture into the air. Swapping indoor plants for their decorative siblings, or putting plants in open, ventilated rooms will be a quick way to remove excess moisture. 

3 - Check For Leaks

If you're experiencing dark marks ("water rings") on your walls, you may have a leaky pipe. If you're concerned, we recommend contacting a plumber to investigate. However, if you have leaky marks on your ceiling, we recommend a builder to repair any leaks in the roof.

4 - Fan Ventilation

Positioning fans around the room and opening windows will increase air flow to the home. This will replace the stale air and keep the indoor allergens at bay.

5 - Solar Air Heater

A solar air heater will suck in fresh, outdoor air. It then warms, dries and filters this air before it pumps it into the home. This creates positive pressure ventilation and reduces humidity throughout the entire home. The best performing solar air heating on the market is the SolarVenti.


Keeping humidity between 30 & 50% is a must for a healthy and comfortable home. But you don't need to expose yourself to the high running costs of an air conditioner to dehumidify your room. There are many natural solutions available. Contact us if you need help with any of these solutions. We'd be happy to advise.